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LAW is a grassroots network of ALP members and unionists opposed to Australia being dragged into another US-led war. We oppose involvement in the AUKUS alliance and the acquisition of nuclear submarines. AUKUS is against the interests of the Australian people.


Promoting peace within the ALP

The Australian Labor Party and Australian unions have long opposed Australia’s involvement with the nuclear industry and in wars of aggression. The ALP opposed the US-led wars against Vietnam and Iraq, both built on tissues of lies. 


We will not be dragged into a war against China.


Democracy demands that war powers shall be sovereign with the Australian people and exercised by parliament alone. 


The proposed submarines are an obscene waste of money and will irreversibly enmesh Australia into the nuclear industry.  


The submarines will use 95% enriched uranium as fuel, weakening the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and undermining the ALP commitment to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. AUKUS will require Australia to manage all the nuclear waste generated.


Further, the estimated cost of $368 billion is almost certain to blow out. Few, if any, defence projects are delivered on time or on budget.


Our Labor values require us to reject policies that could fuel an arms race and undermine regional stability. Our values require us to reject spending untold billions on future war technologies that could be obsolete on arrival.


Instead, public funds and job creation should be focused on socially useful fields: public education, public health, aged care, housing, social security, manufacturing and the transition to a clean energy economy.


We call on all Party members, branches and trade unions to join in principled efforts to oppose the AUKUS alliance and achieve genuine regional peace and security.

Join our cause today and promote peace with us.

- Labor Against War

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